Just a little off the top

Meet Trimster,
the video barber
for macOS

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Requires macOS 10.14+

Trimster is the easy way to trim MPEG-4 videos.

Split a long video into shorter clips, remove scenes you don’t want, or just take a little off the top. Trimming MPEG-4 videos is quick and easy with Trimster, but oh so precise: set your “in” and “out” points, then save the clip as a new video. Trimster doesn’t convert or re-encode your video, so saving clips is easy and fast.

Made for MPEG-4

Trimster works with unprotected, exportable MPEG-4 movies. Compatible extensions include MP4, M4V, MPG, MPEG, and MOV.

Precise Controls

Handy keyboard shortcuts make it easy to control playback, scrub through the video, and set in/out points at specific frames.

Simply Powerful

Trimster features a streamlined user interface to trim videos easily and quickly. Under the hood, it’s a modern macOS app written in Swift.

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