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Sidepic is
simple, separate
photo storage.

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Sidepic stores photos separate from your main library.

It’s perfect for photos you don’t want cluttering your main photo library. Like pics you don’t want synced by the Photos app, images you gather from the web, or any other photos you just want to keep separate. Sidepic stores photos on your device so they are always available, just off to the side.

Photos App Friendly

Import pictures into Sidepic from the Photos app, and export back to the Photos app, too — or any app that accepts picture sharing.

Add from Anywhere

Share photos to Sidepic from other apps, or save photos to the Sidepic Import folder in iCloud Drive for automatic importing.

Pasteable Photos

Copy an image to the clipboard from any app, then paste it into Sidepic as a new photo.

A simple solution for separate photos.

Import pictures from your Photos library.

Paste a photo from the clipboard.

Add to Sidepic from apps that support iOS image share actions.

Automatically import images saved to the Sidepic “Import” folder in iCloud Drive.

Save photos back to the Photos app.

Share photos using iOS share actions.

Sort photos by oldest first or newest first.

Swipe through photos to view them, similar to the Photos app.

While viewing a photo, single-tap for full-screen viewing.

Zoom and pan using familiar gestures.

Swipe up or down to dismiss a photo and return to the grid.

Delete multiple photos (from the grid) or single photos (when viewing).

Force dark theme even if your device is set to the light theme.

Looks great in both landscape and portrait orientations, on any device size.

Any Questions?

Sidepic is pretty simple and easy to use.
But there are a few details to keep in mind:

How many photos can I add to Sidepic?
Sidepic is limited to 50 photos until you unlock unlimited photos via an in-app purchase. Just tap Settings to get started. If you’ve already purchased unlimited photos on another device, tap the Restore button to apply it.
Does Sidepic password-protect photos?
No. Sidepic is not intended to hide photos or keep secrets. It’s not password-protected, disguised as a fake app, or anything else sneaky. It’s just a simple and convenient way to keep photos separate from the Photos app.
How does Sidepic organize my photos?
Sidepic stores photos as one big collection of pictures, ordered by when they were added. The newest photos are at the bottom by default, but in Settings you can change them to be at the top. (Tip: tap the empty space below the photo grid to jump to the last row of photos. Tap near the top of your device to jump back to the first row.)
How do I use the Add to Sidepic feature?
Make sure you’re using another app that supports sharing images — it won’t work if the app shares links or other kinds of content. If you see the standard action for saving an image (to Photos) then saving to Sidepic should also work. Swipe the row of share icons so you can see the right-most “More” button. Tap “More” and turn on the Add to Sidepic action. You can also reorder the actions to move Add to Sidepic higher in the list.
How do I import photos using iCloud Drive?
In another app, open the share panel and choose Save to Files. Be sure to save the image inside the Sidepic “Import” folder. When Sidepic starts, it will scan this folder and move any images to its private storage area. You can also save images to the Sidepic Import folder from your Mac.
Are Sidepic photos backed up?
Photos in Sidepic are backed up as part of your normal iCloud backup. If you don’t want your Sidepic photos to use up iCloud storage space, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage and exclude Sidepic.

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