I’m Michael Wells.
I love building awesome iOS apps.


I love creating awesome iOS apps that are beautiful, functional, and even magical. And not just on the outside — awesome also means the code is modern, efficient, easy to understand, and a snap to maintain and extend.


I have 30 years of experience creating apps across a range of industries, company sizes, and individual responsibilities. I’ve worked in 2D/3D graphics, video security, healthcare, logistics, and retail. I’ve worked at start-ups and large organizations. I’ve worked as a solo developer, team member, manager, and an independent contractor.

I’ve been creating iOS apps for nine years, starting in Objective-C and moving to Swift shortly after. While proficient in Objective-C, it isn’t a language I’ve used day-to-day for a while. I’ve written code using system frameworks such as CoreData, software integration frameworks such as Stripe, and device integration frameworks such as the Zebra scanner SDK.

My traditional résumé, detailing over 30 years eperience, is available as a PDF file. And My LinkedIn Profile includes various screenshots of the apps I've worked on.

Consumer Goods Retailer
Independent iOS Contractor/Developer (2016–)

Created warehouse management and custom retail point-of-sale checkout apps. Both tightly integrate with the client’s existing business processes. I was the sole developer on both apps, but worked closely with a small team of web and backend engineers. I also wrote, tested, and deployed enhancements as requested. During non-billable time, I’m studying SwiftUI to determine if it can replace UIKit for upcoming features.

Keywords: Swift, CoreData, CoreGraphics, APNS, MDM, SwiftUI

3D Systems Corporation
Lead iOS Developer (2013–2016)

Created an iOS app that controlled a 3D scanner to make custom-fit, 3D-printed wrist braces. I was the sole developer, but worked closely with computational developers and orthopedic doctors.

Keywords: Objective-C, CoreGraphics


I’m available for short-term and long-term contracts (remote based). Get in touch and see how I can help with your next project.

Say hello at [email protected].

For some screen shots of my prior work, check out my Portfolio.

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